Looking to sell your Tampa Bay area home?


Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

  • Can you wait a year to sell your home?

  • Are you comfortable having open houses or showing strangers your home?

  • Do you know how to price your home competitively?

  • Do you know how to properly execute a real estate sales contract?

  • Do you know what a title company can and can't do for you?

  • Do you know what an escrow agreement is?

  • Do you know what pro rations are?

  • Does your home have lead-based paint?

  • Do you know what Sellers Disclosures are needed?

  • What do you do when negotiations stall?

Anyone can place a sign in their yard, but only a real estate professional can take you from sale to settlement!

Our Commitment to You

We think selling your home should be as stress-free as possible.  Although no one can predict every challenge that will be faced during the sale of a home, our commitment to you is that we will work hard to sell your home for the best price possible and in the least amount of time.  If at any time during the listing process you feel that we are not doing our job, just let us know and we will cancel our listing agreement.  We do not hold you to a contract if you are not happy with our services. It's that simple.  

Our Goal is to make you a Raving Fan!